Greet Responsibly

Doing our bit for each other - introducing Active Affection

“Sticks and stone may break bones, but words can utterly crush the soul.”

Not everyone gets sarcasm. Accountants. Parking inspectors. Uptight second-generation lawyers.

But we’re mindful that there are still people today who are torn-down by words - words that were not intended to amuse, but were outright intended to abuse.

It’s a scourge on our society that we want to do something about (rather ironic, given we trade in insults).

It’s why we run Active Affection.

It’s our internal program where we take a chunk from every sale of every card and contribute it to organisations who work in preventing and dealing with the effects of poisonous words – namely, the arenas of bullying, domestic violence and mental illness.


Doing our bit for the environment

While cards can relay such sweet (or snarky) sentiments that last a lifetime, the reality is most eventually end up in the bin.

And since we post of our cards, there's extra steps we're thinking about to minimise our impact on Earth 1.0

There is some good news though:

  • Cards themselves can be recycled
  • Envelopes for cards are sourced from a certified environmentally friendly provider
  • The cardboard mailers can be recycled, and the larger mailers are already made from recycled materials
  • The cello bag (the plastic 'wrapper' that protects your card in transit) can be put into your domestic recycling bin.

We're exploring other ways, too, to reduce our footprint on the environment - and hope to put them into practise in the near future. Just because we love sarcasm doesn't mean we cant get serious about our planet.